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hank you for your interest in our Reseller program for TrafficSeeker. We are pleased to offer 2 different reseller programs

Affiliate Program: This program gives you the ability to promote TrafficSeeker through the use of banners, text links, and other marketing methods, without having to work with the client. When a potential client clicks on your affiliate link, they are automatically forwarded to our site. If that client EVER purchases TrafficSeeker, you will get a 40% commission!! You also receive a 10% commission on sales of new Affiliates who sign up under you!

When that potential client hits your affiliate code, they are 'marked' with a cookie on their system. This identifies you as the referrer for the commission. You are not expected to provide any type of tech support or even own the program. It's absolutely FREE for you to join. You receive the benefits listed below.

Reseller Program: This program is set up for the serious internet marketer! Resellers will need to have their own merchant accounts, and because you will process your client's orders, you can purchase codes from us STARTING at 50% discounts! That's make a MINIMUM of 50% on EVERY SALE! We do NOT require you to pre-purchase codes from us or to buy in any set number. BUT, those who would like to do this, can receive discounts up to 65%!! Resellers may also use our affiliate program and refer to affiliates. You will earn 10% of each and every sale they make as well!

You will also receive a COMPLETE custom copy of the software for potential clients to download from your site...FREE! This can include your own graphics, order links and more. There is NO reference to us, so the software appears to be your own private label program! This means you can upload the program to shareware sites, advertise in ezines and any other way you see fit to promote TrafficSeeker.

The ONLY requirement we have to become a Reseller is that you MUST own your own copy. This can be the Std, Pro OR Platinum version, it does not matter. We currently have resellers making $30,000 - $75,000 and more with the program. Think you have what it takes? We even provide a copy of our website that you update with your's that easy to get started! The rest of the benefits are listed below.

Whether you choose to be an affiliate or a Reseller, please follow the sign up link to get started. Resellers Sign Up Now!

Resellers will be asked to provide their password to receive the Reseller Package. If you do not own the program and want to be a Reseller, you can
order here.t

Affiliate / Reseller Benefits

Option 1: When you sign up as an Affiliate, you will receive the following benefits:
>> 40% commission on Every Sale
>> 10% commission on every sale made by an affiliate who signs up under you
>> Complete affiliate tracking real-time stats
>> Complete commissions tracking
>> Pre-made banners to put on your site(s)
>> You will be paid on ANY amount owed to you. We do not wait until you have $25 or something like that. Commission checks are cut on the 15th of every month, for the previous months commissions.

Option 2: When you become a Reseller for us you will receive the following benefits:
>> Earn at least 50% on every order! You must have your own merchant account in order to be a Reseller.
>> Pre-purchase codes for all versions and get up to 65% discounts on volume purchases! (pre-purchase of codes is NOT required)
>> Completely customized copy of the software. This includes your graphics, order links and more. A TRUE private label program at NO extra charge! You can then upload this software to all the shareware directories and promote directly from your own website.
>> Sign up Sub-Dealers and make 10% on EVERY ONE of their sales
>> Check Real-Time Stats on your sales and referrals!
>> Get paid for ANY amount you make! Checks are cut on the 15th of the month, for the previous month's sales.
>> A Complete WebSite! Don't want to set up your own website? No problem, we have one for you! You can download the pages, make a few adjustments, upload it to your server and you're ready to promote!
>> The only requirement we have to be a Reseller is that you MUST own your own copy of the program. This can be the Std, Pro or Platinum version.

Option #1: Get Signed up as an Affiliate or Reseller

Option #2: No thanks, I just want my own copy of TrafficSeeker

If you have any questions on either program, please contact us

Requirements for dealer

1. We expect our resellers to understand the software and know how to use it. For this purpose, the dealer will get a licensed copy of the software with their paid sign up. (dealer personal order is not commissionable)

2. Professional representation of the software. There is absolutely NO SPAMMING allowed to promote this software. Violators will be terminated and commissions held immediately.

3. Must Read and Agree to all expectations listed in the Agreement on the Affiliate / Reseller sign up page. By signing up for the reseller program you are agreeing to these terms

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